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Customer Reviews

Mr ★★★★★
by E&E1012 (the App Store)
Excellent videos informative and very easy to follow. Would recommend this app.

Awesome ★★★★★
by Jamiet1000 (the App Store)
Having never really been a fan of tutorial apps in the past, I am surprised at how much I rate golf tuition. The instructions and demos are so clear and simple to follow. The app operates so well compared to similar ones I have downloaded with none of the crashing or freezing issues experienced previously. Awesome app!!

Awesome ★★★★★
by DGST123 - (the App Store)
Great app, the videos are really well produced and also contain some great content.. I'm sure this app can help golfers of all abilities!

App solute magic ★★★★★
by Golf_Nut77 (the App Store)
Just been on the range trying out a few different things after watching some of the videos on here. Can't believe what a difference it's made. Had a friend video me to compare my swing against the pros, now understand where I was going wrong! Can't wait to get out on the course now.

Ultimate Golf Coach, A MUST PURCHASE! ★★★★★
by fgd36578 (the App Store)
This is a must buy for all golfers, the detailed videos are a marvellous help. The video analysis feature is superb, although watching your own swing in slow motion can be a little upsetting (especially when you can compare your swing to Tiger Woods)!!! A must buy for all serious golfers.

Really Good ★★★★★
by Gty3426 (the App Store)
Really like this app, I have looked at a lot of golf coaching apps for both the iPhone and iPad and this one really stands out in its quality. Nice design and flow but more importantly great videos and instruction. Genuinely useful application and id highly recommend.